MemoGym: Strengthening the European Memory

An educational project to strengthen historical memory in the spirit of European values, focusing in particular on the attractiveness of the way of communication with young audiences. An interactive exhibition of life-size puppets, representing six Slovak personalities who, by their lifelong attitude and work, have preserved and cultivated democratic European values ​​and orientation of (Czecho)slovakia towards advanced democratic European states.


The project is a part of the strategic communication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the SR on the priority areas of foreign and European policy of the Slovak Republic, especially the membership of the Slovak Republic in the European Union and NATO.

Gallery (Facebook Via Cultura)

Materialized memories – the great people depicted, communicate with secondary and university students about the historical context of European orientation in Slovakia. Via Cultura; Institute for Cultural Policies believes that today it should be a priority to emphasize the continuity of undeformed historical memory, especially if surveys among students indicate that they lack the knowledge about real personalities of the Slovak and European history of the 20th century. The MVZP/2018/40 project is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic under the International Relations and Foreign Policy of the Slovak Republic grant programme. The entity solely responsible for the content of this document is the civic association Via Cultura; Institute for Cultural Policies, Štefánikova 25, Bratislava, ID No. 42262119


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